Shelfield Academy TiE days

I spent Thursday at the lovely Shelfield Academy in Walsall, working with a group of Y13 students who are creating a Theatre in Education piece for Y9 pupils. A great bunch of young people, with some great ideas, we spent the day looking at existing styles and methods of creative education practice, as well as considering the interests and experiences of their target audience and how we can use this information to keep their engagement. The piece is going to be looking at tackling the issue of ‘Sexting’ and may go further than the boundaries of their school itself. They will begin their devising process shortly, and I am to return in a couple of weeks to offer further advice on their piece as it takes shape. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to deliver a workshop which was largely about sharing my experience, and talking about my ideas, and what I think works best. Quite a different experience to delivering issue based workshops in secondary schools, or pretending to be a Roman in a primary school, but enjoyable all the same.
I look forward to hearing how their piece is developing, as well as the questions that arise as their process continues.

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